Accelerate your go-to-market strategy and create new revenue streams by reselling public cloud services with our white-label marketplace. Built on top of the best cloud technology providers, ngKloud allows you to define your own public cloud services catalog and serve your B2B customer’s needs for IaaS resources in an automated and easy way.


Just 3 steps away from growth with ngKloud marketplace.

1) Sign a re-selling agreement with the public cloud provider (AWS, GCP, Azure) you want to work with. If you have already one in place, we can skip this step.

2) Design your commercial offer using ngKloud telco-grade product catalog manager, defining which IaaS services from which cloud providers. Go beyond and innovate by having unique service bundles and add-ons. Define prices, eligibility rules, discounts, and business margins.

3) Customize ngKloud white-label self-service portal to your brand look and feel and start reselling public cloud solutions (compute, storage, database) and services (managed and professional) to your B2B customers. 


Easy deployment and frictionless integration with other systems, through TMForum’s Open APIs compliance. Application architecture aligned with the AWS’s Next Generation Managed Service Provider (ngMSP) guidelines.

As a ready-to-use solution, ngKloud does not require huge upfront investments in team set-up or competencies development. In fact, if needed, ngKloud support team can act as an extension of your team and provide additional managed and professional services to your B2B end customers.  

Product Ordering

Product Catalog Management

public cloud  reselling

Automate the provisioning and reselling of public cloud resources such as compute, database and storage, as well as managed and professional services.

self-service subscription management

Provide your B2B customers with a self-service user-friendly platform where they can subscribe and easily managed all their cloud resources.

In a

Grow revenue by responding to the constantly growing B2B market need for public cloud IaaS resources in an automated and efficient way.


Grow revenue and accelerate time-to-market

Drive growth by reselling standardized and bundled cloud resources (compute, storage, database), creating new recurring revenue streams. Grow margins with managed and professional services add-ons.

White-label self-service portal

Customize the platform to your brand look and feel. Along with self-service capabilities, the portal will allow your end-users to access order history, manage active subscriptions and reach out to support.

Cloud in-a-box solution

Fully automated provisioning and management of multi-cloud services in only one platform, from order creation to billing, subscription management and customer support.

Compliant and compatible

Frictionless integration with plug-and-play TMForum APIs and architecture aligned with the AWS’s Next-Generation Managed Service ProviderngMSP) program guidelines.

Ready to use SaaS

No need for major upfront investment on solution set-up or in building a specialized team with the know-how or configuration skills to deliver cloud solutions in an automated way.

coud services plataform


Quotes and Order Fulfillment (CPQ)

Automated order fulfillment and provisioning of cloud resources (compute, database and storage) with an integrated end-to-end 
management solution for complex B2B quotes/orders.

Proactive Monitoring

Set of well-defined monitoring tools and metric terms to monitor the health, QoS, and reliability of the provisioned services and act proactively to mitigate impacts on customers’ business.

Issue and Service Management

Log client issues or escalate them via API to our ITSM SLA-based support service. Liaison with L4 AWS support is handled internally to provide you with a full feature support service.

Security as Job #1

Implements best practices regarding identity management and access control policies for authorized users.

Customer Self-Care Portal

Customer self-service access to quotes, orders, issues and subscription history.

Catalog and Inventory Management

Create and easily update market and customer-specific offers, pricing eligibility rules, and discounts, effectively responding to market demands.



Flexibility and scalability

Customers can quickly scale their cloud resources based on your predefined offer, being also able to add additional temporary resources with daily billing.

Growth based investment

With the pay-as-you-grow proposition, there is no need for upfront investments or payment for non-used resources as it happens with on-site infrastructure.

Autonomous user-friendly experience

Customers can autonomously subscribe and manage their multi-cloud resources and add-ons (managed and professional services) within ngKloud self-service marketplace.

No technical skill required 

With this user-friendly click-and-buy automated journey, customers can subscribe to public cloud resources without the need for having technical know-how or configuration skills.

coud services plataform

Why Us

Work with an AWS partner and a team of experts certified in multi-cloud technology. Born and raised in the telecom and digital service providers world we are ready to support your business to deliver cloud solutions and managed and professional services to your B2B customers.


Grow revenue by reselling cloud services with ngKloud white-label ready-to-use multi-cloud marketplace.